FMW New Products

Thank you for visiting our website, we appreciate your interest in our products. Whether you need to fumigate an area of ​​hundreds of hectares or just replace the nozzles of your current machine we have the ideal product for your need. With more than 40 years of production in quality and service we are specialists in application machinery. FMW Sprayers manufacturers, services and supplies parts for all its equipment. We appreciate your business!

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FMW 2000 FR
 The ASPEN series Sprayers are designed aerodynamically to a great and simple machine that will do the job, more economic, simple to use, and more light weight, we can adapt the ASPEN series for any type of application, from fruit orchards to vineyards, also pecans and almonds, avocado, mangoes, tropical fruits, citrus, papaya, bananas and more

On this machine we install our patented Italian fan units with high CFM vs low HP ratio gives our customers the opportunity to use smaller tractors, with big results of application, meaning less fuel, and less time.

In the ASPEN Agriculture version (with special order) we install booms for applications for tomato, watermelons, chile and other row crops